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An Hour And A Shower

Inspired by these times in life when you feel most comfortable, most like yourself. When you get to be active and still. Playful and thoughtful, feet on the ground yet up for an adventure. It’s the simple formula, the secret weapon, the escape hatch. It’s the shoe you slip into your life, easy, all your own, like that favorite part of the day that inspires our brand. 

An Hour And A Shower is when you feel most comfortable. Most like yourself. It’s in that hour—or in that shower—when all the best ideas happen. When time is on your side and all is clear. When anything is possible. When everything just fits.

Handmade in Portugal, from locally sourced materials, with the priorities of sustainability and vegetable-tanned leathers. An Hour And A Shower is an invitation to step back. To be at home wherever you plant your feet.