Anca Stetco

Anca Stetco footwear collection was born in 2016 from the founder long experience in fashion industry. An experimental design that gives a nod to the world of arts, adding a strong identity in the definition of shoes-sculpture that combine innovation, modernity and tradition.

Made in Italy, luxury and uniqueness are the foundation of Anca Stetco project, in a harmonious and sophisticated mix of prestige and portability, where each shoe represents the synthesis of the research and the experience of the best Italian craftsmanship in the industry and of a design aiming the future balancing between perfection and everyday life.

Unique luxury shoes, to be used from day to evening, Anca Stetco collections are inspired by the identity of a contemporary and cosmopolitan woman who aspires to wear something unique, sophisticated and simple, where masculine and feminine elements are intertwined in a true balance of soft contrasts. Each collection combines luxury and the research of precious materials, such as italian leather and suede, special fabrics and exotic skins, for footwear with strong and contemporary forms.