Enji is a luxury sneaker concept inspired by the richness of cultural heritage. Its story begins in Africa. With more than 1000 tribes .

In homage to this land where they grew up, founders Saniju and her brother Grog decided to call their brand “Enji”, which means “king” in Bantu dialect .

“We were born in Cameroon, and even though our parents’ careers allowed us to grow up in some of the world’s great capitals — New York, Hong Kong, London and Geneva — we always remained very connected to Africa,” Grog notes. “Happy childhood memories, the joy of visiting friends and family today and the rich tapestry of African cultures are an essential part of who we are.”

The design for this concept was born of a life lived between the world’s capitals and the savannah, combined with a natural affinity for luxury that is designed with comfort in mind. Enji sneakers are precious yet discreet, produced in the finest tradition of Italian and local craftsmanship.

Enji prides itself on a unique signature: with every season, a new tribal theme incorporates distinctive ethnic cues, symbols and codes. While its DNA is instantly recognizable to the initiated, Enji is designed to appeal to a discerning clientele everywhere.

Enji’s first collection, an homage to the Massai, debuted in Paris in January 2018.