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Alessandro Enriquez - 10X10 Anitalian Theory


Alessandro Enriquez (oct 17th, 1983) has a various cultural heritage: his mother is from Sicily while his father has french-tunisine origin and descends from a spanish family. Italian but “Citizen of the World”.

From eclectic mind of Alessandro Enriquez takes life ‘10x10 An Italian Theory’: his ironic, unconventional and colorful philosophy of italianity, narrated through fashion, food and design, a brand new lifestyle concept. 
It all started with a book, ’10×10 An Italian Theory’, develops into two accessories capsule collections in collaboration with Azzurra Gronchi and season after season enriches itself with design and food projects. The last creative achievement is the 10x10 An Italian Theory knitwear collection. 
Young and fun, social and socialite, 10x10 An Italian Theory is a constantly work in progress project, hopefully destined to grow more and more, in Italy and not only…