Hannes roether

In 2004 Hannes founded his own brand “Hannes Roether“, with a pure men´s collection. 2007 the designer created the first women´s collection in cooperation with his wife Nicky Wendt, who quickly became responsible for the design of the women´s line. By connecting the tried and trusted with a sense of modernity, the couple creates high quality pieces with a manufacture character.

Simple understatement defines his wardrobe. Roethers collection take a bow to traditional Fashion throws in a pinch of casual and finishes off with a somber color palette creating a line that`s edgy, timeless and incredibly wearable in all scenes. Indestructible fabrics as well as washed and colored Wool combine tradition and modernity. The development of new knitting techniques allows a completely different feeling. Functionality and timeless materials focus on the essential value of the Hannes Roether clothing.